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CCSW can be on call to provide you with an IT support system, that allows you to grow.

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Exclaimer Mail Utilities

Exclaimer Mail Utilities enables you to manage how exchange emails are sent and received by your organisation.

In a few very easy steps it allows you to add disclaimers to your exchange emails. An email disclaimer helps mitigate liability for breach of confidentiality, transmission of virus and much more.

Premium spam, virus and phishing filtration

In 3 easy steps you'll be spam free nn

Emailcloud stops all spam and virus emails before they reach your network, saving you from having to filter on your mail server.

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Network Diagnostics

Look after your infrastructure investment: tune it to increase efficiency and reduce costs

By fine-tuning and optimising your existing infrastructure you can increase efficiency and reduce expenditure

Find out how we can help you to optimise your existing infrastructure


Can CCSW offer a hosting package to suit me?

Absolutely, CCSW can offer you the latest modular approach to implementing your web-site.


What are the main IT issues your business faces today?

  • SPAM (Junk email)
  • Emails being sent by your company not being received
  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Backup strategy and issues
  • Network connectivity
  • Slow computers

Each issue can have a negative impact on productivity and as the saying goes "time is money".  CCSW can advise on how to manage IT issues quickly and cost effectively. 

It is fact that only when a computer process fails does a company realise how dependent they have become on IT. Let CCSW make IT simple for you today.

CCSW focus on reliability, productivity, redundancy and making full use of your existing systems.


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IT Services CCSW provide:

  • Site support & management
  • Server side support(Windows NT/2k/2003/2008)
  • Client machine support (9x/2K/XP/Vista/Mac OS)
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Free Telephone Support
  • Remote access
  • Web hosting
  • Pro-active AntiVirus and Anti Spam Protection
  • Internet Service Provider& Website Design
  • Hardware & Software Installationand Upgrades
  • System Back-up / Disaster Recovery

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